British Wind Industry’s Desperate Bid to Retain Subsidies Crushed by Court of Appeal

The End of the Wind Scam Can’t Come Soon Enough!



The greatest Ponzi scheme of all time is on the brink of collapse.

In America, Trump’s ‘deplorables’ have crushed the wind industry’s hopes of carpeting the United States in millions of these things; shares in wind turbine makers, like Denmark’s Vestas have plummeted.

In Australia, the wind industry is like a wandering zombie; quite apparently lifeless, but unwilling to yield to death’s strengthening grip. The Large-Scale RET on which it depends is bound to be scrapped, as it will never be met and the political cost of lumping $1.5 billion each year in a Federal penalty tax on top of all Australian power consumers’ retail power bills will force the Liberal Coalition and the Labor opposition to slash the annual target, once again.

In the UK, David Cameron went to an election promising to scrap subsidies to onshore wind power and to give a right of veto to…

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