Wind Farm FAILS: Turbine Blades Distergrating on Brand New Turbines

Wind Turbines Blades……Destruction!



Turbine blades that broke were first two to be turned on
Huron Daily Tribune
Brenda Battel
4 November 2016

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP — The two blades that broke on separate wind turbines last month were the first two to be turned on in the startup phase of the Deerfield wind project.

The first turbine broke and bent in half during the afternoon of Oct. 22 while “in the process of the startup procedure,” said Chris Edwards, project construction site manager for Deerfield Wind Energy, which is owned by Algonquin Power.

The second blade broke at its midway point, and stayed attached, just as the first one had on Oct. 22, after about 24 hours of run time, Edwards said.

“This is somewhat unusual,” he told the Huron County Planning Commission on Wednesday night during an update on the malfunctions.

Every blade of every turbine in the park will be inspected before…

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