Power & Politics: Coca Cola Abandons South Australia to Escape Crippling Power Prices & Chaotic Supply

We’re all collateral damage in the wind scam!


jay weatherill Delusional and dangerous: Jay Weatherill, enemy of the people.


In Australia’s, so-called ‘wind power capital’, South Australia, meaningful and lasting employment is a rare and beautiful thing.

Last week, Coca-Cola Amatil announced that it is shutting its Adelaide bottling plant, which has delivered the ‘real thing’ to South Australians since 1939.

The loss of around 200 jobs in the economic basket case that is South Australia is a crushing blow to the workers and their families. One of them, Gino Gaddi, a 58-year-old Italian migrant, is yet another victim of South Australia’s obsession with heavily subsidised and utterly meaningless wind power.

Watching Gino on the ABC news broadcast was a gut wrenching experience. Clearly aware that the chips are now stacked firmly against him, Gino said: “I’m 58, who is going to employ me? There are youngsters around that will do a good a job as me.”

Good question…

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