One Nation Looms: Federal Coalition Must Scrap the RET to Avoid Drifting to Defeat


turnbull-frydenberg Wedded to the RET and drifting to defeat.


In September 2015, Malcolm Turnbull drew the political dagger and thrust it into a sitting Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. There are plenty in the Liberal party that will never forgive Turnbull for his treachery, but there are legions more among the Australian voting public still ready to exact revenge.

Last week Tony Abbott appeared on Sky News in an interview with Andrew Bolt to launch a collection of essays called ‘Make Australia Right’.

But it wasn’t Tony’s promotional activities that incensed the soft-wet Turnbull followers within the Coalition, but rather the fact that their former leader had the temerity to talk about the subject that now dominates every backyard barbecue and suburban dinner party all over the Country: the insane and escalating cost of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.

Malcolm Turnbull and Josh Frydenberg occupy a fantasy world where they believe that their…

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