‘System Black’: South Australia’s Wind Power Experiment a Costly, Abject Failure


sa-blackout-adelaide Living with another ‘system black’: Adelaide 28.9.16


No other two word combination strikes more fear into the hearts of the wind industry and its political backers than ‘South Australia’.

Rocketing power prices, routine load shedding and mass blackouts are the inevitable results of South Australia’s wind power experiment.

Tom Quirk trained as a nuclear physicist at the University of Melbourne. He has been a Fellow of three Oxford Colleges. In this article, Tom sets out the hypothesis, methods and conclusions of that experiment, the abstract of which simply reads ‘FAIL’.

Behold SA and Be Scared, Very Scared
Quadrant Online
Tom Quirk
11 February 2017

The latest Australian Energy Market Operator report on the state’s electricity market illustrates much more than the inevitable problems associated with integrating intermittent renewables, it also highlights the assault on logic that is part and parcel of the great green dream

The Renewable Energy Target…

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