The Dangerous Road Ahead: The Wind Industry – Status Report

The demise of the wind industry has been coming for awhile… No one but the greedy wind-pushers, will miss them.


There are good reasons for serious and responsible players in the wind industry to be concerned about the industry’s future, and perhaps even more about corporate and personal liabilities. Liabilities there are, but for whom and when will they come visiting, are in the process of being established.

Encouraged by now seen to be ignorant politicians, supported by the Clean Energy Council (the renewable energy industry lobby group), too well-nurtured experts, politically sensitive bureaucrats, and a rag tag of climate alarmists, this undeserving industry has literally enjoyed a golden run at the expense of power consumers.

The golden run has finished. To use the language of modern warfare, the road ahead for this industry is mined with a series of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) already embedded along that now more difficult road.  But with a difference. These IEDs are capable of multiple explosions over a period of time.

IED 1-…

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