Australia’s PM Fiddles While Rome Burns: Keeping Federal RET a Recipe for a National Energy Disaster


Another master of inaction, in action …


inertia’: noun a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged; “the bureaucratic inertia of the various tiers of government”

synonyms: inactivity, inaction, inactiveness, inertness, passivity, apathy, accidie, malaise, stagnation, dullness, enervation, sluggishness, lethargy, languor, languidness, listlessness, torpor, torpidity, idleness, indolence, laziness, sloth, slothfulness.

If STT was called upon to provide a single word to describe Malcolm Turnbull’s approach to Australia’s unfolding energy calamity it would have to be ‘inertia’.

A few weeks back we pondered whether Turnbull’s inability to grapple with the single biggest cause of Australia’s energy debacle, the Large-Scale RET is because his son Alex runs an investment fund, Keshik Capital that threw substantial wads of cash at Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit, Infigen – at a time when its shares struggled to top $0.20, but just before his Daddy announced his decision to sign…

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