First Strike: Communities Threatened by Wind Farms Gathering Own Noise Data to Later Sue Turbine Hosts & Developers in Nuisance

Wind Turbine Victims are NOT Backing Down!


Over the last few weeks there has been an uptick in chatter about long dormant wind farm projects being resurrected, which has more to do with anxious developers hoping to offload their projects than any kind of renewed confidence in Australia’s precarious renewable energy policies.

In the main, this rush of panicked activity is about wind power outfits keen to get their projects up to the point of obtaining a development approval in order to flog them off to greater fools (principally Chinese investors) who, the vendors hope, are ready to bet their shirts on the survival of the Federal government’s completely unsustainable Large-Scale RET.

We’ll start with a couple of examples from South Australia, the first piece relates to a community disaster proposed for the rolling hills north of the iconic Barossa Valley and the second to the Beetaloo Valley, to the south-west of Laura. In both places the…

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