Wales Erupts in Wild Protests Against Outrageous 800 Turbine Wind Farm


Nothing generates more hatred and bitter community division than a wind farm.

And when what’s proposed is 800 of these things: 290 tonne, 165m tall, bat-chomping, bird slicing, blade-chuckingpyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices – speared all over the bucolic Welsh countryside it’s little wonder that locals have erupted in fury – a taste of which appears in the video above.

What’s added even more fuel to the fire is that fact that the Hendy proposal was thought to be dead and buried. But, like Vampires without heart-piercing stakes, wind weasels have a habit of returning to torment their victims; provided that there’s slops still swilling in the subsidy trough, that is.

There’s a meeting coming up on 27 April in Powy, when locals are set to turn the place upside down (the angry mob in the video were just the warm-up act, we’re told), not least because they…

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