Being Powered 100% By Wind & Solar = 100% Total Fantasy


This piece is not just fun because it wallops the myth that the world is well on the way to being totally powered by sunshine and breezes, the merriment is multiplied because the study proving the bleeding obvious to be the case was put together by one group of climate catastrophists, who have drawn an incendiary response from their own team for having the temerity to (quite sensibly) push nuclear power as the solution to the world’s presumed ills. It’s a bit like cannibals turning up at a BYO dinner party without anything to add to the pot; a first class free-for-all.

Warmists Fight Their Own Nuclear War
Quadrant Online
Tony Thomas
24 April 2017

Fights within the climate-alarm community are vibrant entertainment for sceptics. There’s the fun factor as rival climate alarmists  kick shins and yank each others’ hair. And they deride each other’s extreme and foolish…

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