New York Revolution: Councillor Joins Community Backlash Against Planned Wind Power Projects

Residents of N.Y. State Fight Back Against Wind Turbine Projects!


Across the Land of the Free, there is a seething tide of frustration and anger that has seen thousands of community defenders rally in order to keep it that way; from Arkansas to Ohio and everywhere in between. New York is just the latest State to have misjudged the resolve of people out to protect their homes, families, their communities and the environment from the scourge of industrial wind power.

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo may be determined to carpet his state in thousands of these things, but his constituents are even more determined to stop him. Now, it’s not only furious locals out to put an end to the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, a local Councillor has joined the growing throng dedicated to stopping these things.

Official Pledges ‘No Quarter’ In Fight Against Wind Turbines In New York 
Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
23 April 2017

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