Wind Turbines Provide Zero% of Global Energy: Despite $Billions Squandered on Subsidies


Subsidising wind power: throwing money into a bottomless pit …


Matt Ridley defines pragmatism and common sense. If – as the wind cult constantly exhorts us – generating power without generating CO2 emissions is the object, then wind power offers no solution. Matt correctly points out the path to CO2 reductions in the power sector involves gas, for now, and investing in an atomic future.

That conclusion rests on the simple fact that, despite hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars being thrown at wind power generation capacity, the combined total global output is risibly trivial. Using 2014 figures, to the nearest whole number, wind power provided ZERO% of the world’s energy consumption.

Here’s Matt’s latest effort (with a few pics added by STT).

Wind turbines are neither clean nor green and they provide zero global energy
The Spectator
Matt Ridley
13 May 2017

We urgently need to stop the…

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