Businesses Belted by Australia’s Renewable Energy Target: Power Prices Spiral Out of Control


Australia’s Renewable Energy policy is an economic suicide pact, from which there is no escape.

The result of that winning combination of greed, ignorance and downright stupidity, the Renewable Energy Target has destroyed businesses and is set to destroy whole industries.

Manufacturers, miners and mineral processors are screaming blue murder as they watch once reliable and affordable power supplies destroyed by ideologically driven lunatics wedded to the delusion that sunshine and breezes actually provide meaningful power.

Australia’s telecommunications businesses are not immune from the insanity.

Telstra, in its former incarnations as Telecom and before that the Post Master General was a government owned monopoly, that set up and ran Australia’s telephone system. More recently, Telstra has moved into the provision of internet services and digital media streaming to households.

Having been privatised in several stages, Telstra – a commercialised government business enterprise – enjoys market dominance as a result of…

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