Monsters Inc: Wind Industry Maliciously Causing Utterly Needless Harm


There is no justification for causing harm to your neighbour and plenty of good reasons to go out of your way not to give them grief. But, for some reason, the wind industry is guided by an entirely different ethic; just the reverse, in fact.

Having beguiled political enablers at all levels – and bribed those it couldn’t – in order gain its ‘licence’ to operate, the wind industry then sets out with a special kind of malice to destroy whole communities and, with merciless vigour, anyone from within them that has the temerity to fight back.

One such defender is Suzanna Jones. In this keenly observed piece, Suzanna plots the ethical trail that’s been marked out by wind power outfits in her native Vermont – a trail lower than a snake’s belly.

Our Experiment in Environmental Ethics
Caledonian Record
Suzanna Jones
22 May 22 2017
To the Editor:


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