Wind Industry Thugs Sue for Subsidies: NextEra’s Reign of Legal Terror Escalates


Having lost the battle for hearts and minds, the wind industry is revealing its true character: a rabid wolf in sheep’s clothing; or, perhaps, an axe-weilding psychopath masquerading as a smarmy second-hand car salesman?

Now that communities are armed with the knowledge that wind power is the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, it has become a little harder to gouge an endless sea of subsidies from those communities, while riding roughshod over their common law rights to sleep, live in and otherwise enjoy their homes and properties.

Having grown fat on billions of dollars worth of subsidies and tax breaks, the likes of NextEra are now launching legal action against local governments standing up for the communities that they represent. Standing between a wind power outfit and an endless stream of subsidies is like standing between the fat kid and his lunch; bound to end in conflict.

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