Renewables Rent-Seekers Reel as Trump Defies Climate-Cult & Delivers Fatal Blow to Paris Agreement


Donald Trump continues to infuriate the intelligentsia by delivering on the things he promised to deliver when he ran for President (how dare he!?!). They collectively dismissed him as a presidential hopeful and are still seething at the fact that they failed to predict his triumph; or, rather, to have guaranteed his defeat.

Where the media class took him literally, but not seriously; the American voting public took him seriously, but not literally. Now the American President has given his critics even more reason to fume.

On Friday, Trump delivered on his promise to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement. That move makes perfect economic sense: reliable and affordable energy brings with it jobs, prosperity and wealth.

Except for those rent seekers who depend for their very existence upon the government mandates and subsidies that deem wind and solar power to be the only ‘solution’ to an overhyped ‘problem’.

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