No Comparison: Why Wind Power Can Never ‘Compete’ with Conventional Generators


It was the weather that drove sailors to steam.

The well-chewed ‘chestnut, about wind power being cheaper than coal or gas-fired power is a nonsense. For a start, the Operations and Maintenance costs of running wind turbines is in the order of $24 for every MWh dispatched – see our post here and this from our favourite whipping boys, Infigen:

The wind might be ‘free’, but wind power is anything but.

Then there is the fiction that wind power is actually ‘competing’ with conventional generation sources.

‘Competition’, in the wind industry’s eyes, is a pretty fluid concept: for most of life’s endeavours, it means a head-to-head race between all competitors, starting at the same time and traversing the same course, from start to finish. Not so with wind power.

In this piece, David Brewster pricks that bubble, beautifully.

The idle Conversation about wind power
Catallaxy Files
David Brewer
18 August…

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