It’s the Subsidies Stupid: Wind & Solar Go Nowhere Without Bags of Other People’s Money


Time and time again we’re told that wind and solar power are not only competitive with conventional generators, but they’re practically free, and getting cheaper all the time.

That myth in the mouth the protagonists lasts about as long as it takes their antagonists to retort, that if wind and solar power really are competitive, then there’s no further need for government mandates, punitive targets and massive subsidies.

The pesky paradox for wind and sun worshippers is that without subsidies that continue from now until kingdom come, there would be nothing for them to venerate, at all.

The wind and solar ‘industries’ are always and everywhere the product of subsidies paid directly from taxpayer’s pockets and/or drawn from power consumers, via renewable energy certificates, tax credits, guaranteed feed in tariffs and the like.

In the video above and the pieces below Alan Moran targets the only meaningful solution to undoing…

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