Suicidal Tendencies: Australia’s Renewable Energy Target a $60 Billion Business & Job Destroyer


For those, like STT, attempting to expose the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, it sometimes feels like bashing our heads against a brick wall. 

However, every now and again, it feels like our masonry masochism has paid off.

Last Friday we awoke to see the top story on the front page of Australia’s only National broadsheet, The Australian spelling out the insane cost of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.

STT has been laying out the numbers for years, while those profiting handsomely from the greatest government mandated wealth transfer in the history of the Commonwealth, have worked overtime to suppress them.

Indeed, in the same edition, wind-scammers, AGL ran a full-page ad featuring its stock smarmy hipster git standing in a paddock next to AGL’s public health calamity at Macarthur in western Victoria.

Hilariously, the ad claimed that the only way to cut power prices is to…

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