Australia’s $60bn Business & Job Killing Renewable Energy Target: Turnbull & Frydenberg Dare Not Speak Its Name


Finally, the message is starting to get through: Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is a $60 billion tax on all Australian power consumers and, therefore, a guaranteed business and job killer.

However, those tuned in to the PM, Malcolm Turnbull and his hapless sidekick, Josh Frydenberg wouldn’t know it.

Frydenberg continues to rail about Labor’s ‘aspirational’ 50% RET; go into hysterics about notional State-based targets; while holding the renewables-rent seeker line that all that’s needed to run the country entirely on sunshine and breezes are a few billion dollars’ worth of Elon Musk’s (as yet to materialise) mega-batteries.

Turnbull, on the other hand, is stuck with the deluded belief that berating Australia’s power retailers into offering discounts of a few percent on retail power bills (or at least telling their customers that they might get a ‘better deal’) is somehow going to correct the destruction wreaked by a $3 billion a year

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