Australia’s Renewable Energy Calamity: The Never Ending Story Continues


Australians probably feel like they’re stuck in the MA+ sequel to The Never Ending Story – a horror movie in which a band of lunatics, driven by greed, stupidity and ideology took a little under a decade to destroy a once wealthy and prosperous Nation, while their renewables rent-seeking mates pocketed more than $60 billion in subsidies, paid for by power consumers, punished with ever rocketing power bills.

Forget ‘jobs and growth’, in Australia it’s a fight for survival, more like the Hunger Games.

While Malcolm Turnbull and Josh Frydenberg have clearly lost the plot, Judith Sloan continues to impress with her detailed insights into Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity.

‘Power prices: the sequel’ still fails to generate heat
The Australian
Judith Sloan
31 August 2017

It’s like watching the sequel of a bad movie. The title of the first movie was: Pretending to do something about power…

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