Renewable Target Revolt: Desperate Coalition MPs Demand New HELE Coal Plants


H-E-L-E spells V-O-T-E-S …

In Canberra, the politics of power has become a veritable powder keg for the patrician and aloof PM, Malcolm Turnbull. His hapless sidekick, Josh Frydenberg will go down in history as the man who, almost single-handedly, destroyed Australia’s enviable wealth and hard fought for prosperity.

As power hungry businesses have just worked out, Australia’s Large-Scale RET is a one-way ticket to oblivion. However, no amount of howling from miners like Glencore and BHP seems to work on Frydenberg, who was long ago slipped into the pockets of Australia’s renewable rent seekers.

Every utterance from Frydenberg astounds; the man’s hubris is only matched by his lack of wit.

Within the Liberal and National Coalition there is a sense of fear and dread at what voters will do to them, come the next election (they can expect a bloodbath in Queensland).

Power consumer fury is not going away…

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