Scots Win Court Battle to Stop Wind Farm Proposal Poisoning Water Supply


Destroying underground water supplies is just another “wonderful” feature of eco-friendly wind power.  The largest of these things require a steel reinforced concrete base of around 400-500 m³.

For 3MW turbines the bottom of the base itself – depending on the soil profile and rock strata – will sit between 5m and 10 m below the surface and – if the soil is unstable and rock anchors are required – reinforced concrete pillars are drilled from 30m and up to 90 m below the surface, being literally screwed into the rock strata.  In either event, there will be obvious disturbance of – and interference with – underground water or streams percolating underground.

In their planning applications – wind power outfits routinely lie about the impact their turbine bases have on groundwater supplies.

In 2013, ScottishPower was busted in Bonnie Scotland, not only poisoning the local inhabitants drinking from their…

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