Want Statewide Power Blackouts? Then Plug In To Weather-Dependant Wind & Solar


The weather wins: typhoon topples turbines in Taiwan

For a bit over 20 years, we’ve been berated with warnings that the climate is changing so rapidly, that ‘fixing’ it is a matter of the most pressing urgency.

Notwithstanding that, for nearly 20 years, global temperatures have stubbornly refused to budge, such that there are plenty of climate alarmists not game to bet on whether things are getting hotter or colder.

The only ‘solution’ proffered by the Chicken Littles to our self-inflicted weather-woes is, of course, carpeting the world in wind turbines and solar panels, with a few $trillion worth of mythical mega-batteries thrown in, which are all set to explode onto the power storage-stage and set the energy world on fire – quite literally (see our post here).

Then, the irony starts.

Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit, Infigen keeps telling its embattled shareholders that it can’t spin…

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