Business Becalmed: Australia’s Wind ‘Powered’ States Paying Businesses Tens of $Millions to Shut Down When the Wind Stops Blowing


The self-inflicted renewable energy chaos playing out in South Australia and neighbouring Victoria is as costly as it is insane.

Both states are headed up by neo-Marxists; and both states have energy policies designed by lunatics.

Rocketing retail power prices (SA’s are already the highest in the world, with worse to come), routine load shedding and mass blackouts are now par for the course.

It’s power consumers, both households and businesses, that bear the brunt of a runaway, ideological crusade.

When wind power output inevitably collapses during warm weather (which coincides with high demand) Australia’s grid manager, AEMO has taken to ordering energy hungry businesses to shut down, to prevent yet another mass blackout. Hospitals, too, are being buffeted by the winds of change; what zealots refer to as the ‘inevitable transition’ to nature’s wonder fuels, sunshine and breezes.

On just two recent occasions, these Soviet-era dictates delivered shutdown ‘bonuses’…

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