SA Premier Promises to Double Power Prices & Destroy Grid: 75% RET = 100% Lunacy


Here’s one Jay prepared earlier: Adelaide 28.9.16

Looking for an example of how to destroy an economy? Look no further than wind ‘powered’ South Australia.

Where Australia’s other capital cities are growing so fast that they look like bursting, Adelaide’s population is shrinking; the best and brightest exit as fast their Commodores can carry them, leaving an ageing population and a growing rump of the terminally unemployed.

The industries that once employed blue-collar workers have already been destroyed – car maker Holden, among them – by stifling, neo-Marxist regulation and rocketing input costs. The most critical of those input costs to the industries and businesses that produce stuff is energy.

Thanks to an obsession with sunbeams and breezes, SA’s embattled employers pay the highest power prices in the world.

As an article of faith, the wind cult keep promising that the addition of more windmills, solar panels and…

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