Ontario: Water, Water Everywhere – But Thanks to Wind Turbines – Not A Drop to Drink


Wind farm neighbour, Dave Lusk with filthy water
drawn from his Wallaceburg well.

Wind farm neighbours are forced to endure all manner of wholly unnecessary suffering. Incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound drives them nuts at nighttime or, in plenty of cases, out of their homes, altogether.

In Ontario, around the shores of the Great Lakes, the latest outrage involves wind power outfits destroying local underground water supplies (upon which farmers and householders critically depend) and lying to their victims about the obvious cause.

Wind energy may be green, but the water in Chatham-Kent is brown
Mary Baxter
12 February 2018

Every morning since he lost the use of his well, Dave Lusk wakes up and tries not to let the anger seep in. But when he makes a trip from the water cooler in the kitchen and back to his bathroom vanity to wash up, it’s…

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