Victims Vindicated: Wind Turbine Noise Exposure Proven ‘Pathway to Disease’


Last December, Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) held that “noise annoyance” caused by wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound “is a plausible pathway to disease”, based on the “established association between noise annoyance and some diseases, including hypertension and cardiovascular disease, possibly mediated in part by disturbed sleep and/or psychological stress/distress.”

The AAT also slammed wind turbine noise standards as irrelevant and, therefore, totally unfit for purpose: Australian Court Finds Wind Turbine Noise Exposure a ‘Pathway to Disease’: Waubra Foundation Vindicated

If the case had exonerated wind turbine noise, no doubt, such a story would have been splashed across the front pages of the Fairfax press, and trumpeted long and loud by wind cult central, the ABC.

Instead, The Australian’s Graham Lloyd gave it fleeting coverage but, otherwise, there was complete ‘radio’ silence.

Students of the dark arts well-know that peddling a narrative is as much about what never gets…

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