Battlelines Drawn: Victoria’s Wind Power Push Meets Angry & Disciplined Opposition


It’s often forgotten that the diminutive David slew the gigantic Goliath. Discipline, nerve and strategic resolve is what wins battles. And in Western Victoria, there’s no bigger battle than that brewing between wind power outfits and local community defenders.

One of the best of those is retired country lawyer, Tony Edney. He’s the handsome devil seen on the right in the picture above, taken at the wind power fraud rally in Canberra, June 2013.

Ever since then, Tony has been fighting against the wind industry’s lies, bullying and contempt for rural Australians.

Here’s a brilliant piece Tony penned for the Hamilton Spectator.

The Problems with Wind Farms are Real
Hamilton Spectator
Tony Edney
22 February 2018

There is now simply too much information in the public domain for the wind industry and its many, often ill informed supporters, to continue with any integrity their relentless attacks on the credibility…

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