Electric Dreams: Energy Minister Pushes Coal-Powered Cars


Signalling ‘green’ virtue by plugging into coal.

Those virtuous few driving all-Electric Vehicles are bound to ignore the fact that their cars really run on coal. A few posts back, STT covered Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg’s latest flight of fancy: Fossil Fuel Renaissance: Australia’s Energy Minister Promotes Coal-Powered Cars

While there’s nothing wrong in theory about all-Electric Vehicles, if they really were a sensible substitute for petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, they’d already be jumping off the shelves. Except, for some strange reason, they aren’t.

Trevor St Baker is the founder of ERM Power, an energy retailer and generator. Here he pokes the groovy ‘green’ bear by stating the bleeding obvious: all-EVs run on coal.

We’ll need a lot of coal for electric cars
The Australian
Trevor St Baker
12 March 2018

The energy renewables zealots and their calls for the closure of coal-fired power stations — ­expecting solar and wind to…

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