Ontario’s Water Wars: Wind Turbine Construction Turns Underground Water to Toxic Sludge


Ontario’s farmers keep complaining about the toxic sludge coming out of their wells, while the wind power outfits that have obviously caused the damage, keep lying about it.

Pile-driving and the excavations required for 400m³ of steel reinforced concrete for the hundreds of turbine bases across Chatham-Kent are the only new and intervening factor capable of turning (hitherto potable) underground water a silty black.

Locals know it, and are keen to seek redress from the powers that be:

Chatham-Kent residents take water wells fight to Queen’s Park
CTV Windsor
Michelle Maluske
8 March 2018

A group of Chatham-Kent residents took their fight for better water to Queen’s Park.

Members of the Water Wells First group held a news conference in Toronto on Thursday, hoping to get more attention to an issue that has been discussed locally for more than a year.

The group is upset with the North-Kent wind farm…

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