Reliable Power Play: Monash Forum Australia’s Last Best Hope for Sensible Energy Policy


Craig Kelly: peoples’ Champion fights for affordable & reliable power.

Australia’s mainstream media occupy a fact and consequence free zone, where the sun always shines and the wind always blows. How else can their cult-like veneration of wind and solar power be explained?

With a growing group of National and Liberal MPs joining the Monash Forum, and dictating the terms about Australia’s energy future, those wedded to the idea that you can power an entire country, entirely on sunshine and breezes, have just had their comfy confidence in their intellectual and moral superiority, permanently shattered.

Here’s Alan Moran helping to smash their esteemed, and hitherto entrenched, sense of smugness.

Can the backbench energy revolt steer us back low cost electricity?
Catallaxy Files
Alan Moran
4 April 2018

It all came so suddenly.

Over the Easter break a ginger group of Coalition backbenchers, the Monash Forum, was announced.  Chaired…

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