Turnbull’s Energy Dilemma: Pro-Coal Monash Forum Threatens PM’s Tenuous Grip on Power


Coming to grips with a revolt against his beloved renewables.

Politics is a cruel caper and, in Australia, the politics of power is merciless.

Malcolm Turnbull has just lost 30 Newspolls in a row; the apparently fatal number that gave him licence to knife a sitting PM, Tony Abbott in September 2015.

In an election fought on Labor’s ‘Carbon Tax’ (a monstrously expensive tax on CO2 gas which applied to all energy production) Abbott promised to scrap the Tax and thereby led his Coalition to a thumping 17 seat majority victory in 2013.

In launching his coup d’état, the patrician and aloof Turnbull pointed to the polls and claimed he could do a whole lot better than Abbott. He didn’t.

At his first electoral outing in July 2016, Turnbull ran an underwhelming campaign (seemingly centred on his own personal brilliance – and sounding like a Marvel comic series – its…

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