Germans Rue Wave of ‘Green’ Destruction: Wind Turbines Driving Critters From Natural Habitats


German ‘greens’ can’t see the forest for the …

The wind industry is hypocrisy defined: merrily wrecking the environment under the auspices of ‘saving’ it. Slaughtering millions of birds and bats (and lying about it) is all in a day’s work.

In Germany, its eco-zealots are having a harder time than usual, in their dogged efforts to cover up the inevitable environmental destruction caused by their beloveds. Ancient forests are being clear felled; rare and endangered species driven to the point of extinction.

Here’s No Tricks Zone revealing the kind of story that troubles their sanctimonious and moralistic narrative, most.

6 New Papers Unsheathe A Hushed-Up ‘Green’ Reality: Habitats Are Being Destroyed By Wind Turbines
No Tricks Zone
Kennith Richard
15 March 2018

Scientists (Krekel and Zerrahn, 2017) report that the installation of wind turbines near human populations “exerts significant negative external effects on residential well-being” and…

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