Out to Wreck Your Economy & Punish the Poor & Vulnerable? Try Intermittent Wind & Solar


A generation or so back, the ‘green’ was a well-meaning tree-hugger. Then along came CO2 gas which resulted in a new shade of ‘green’.

Gone was any vestige of human empathy, let alone compassion, both replaced by a maniacal belief that humans are literally ‘cockroaches’, devouring planet Earth.

Instead of hoping to improve the environment to benefit fellow humans, the new ‘green’ is determined to destroy free-market democracy, from within. The key is always and everywhere, energy. Want to destroy an economy in a generation, then the deprive it of reliable and affordable power.

Australia, hitherto an energy superpower, blessed with enormous reserves of coal, gas and uranium, now pays the highest power prices in the world and is – through the wind ‘powered’ State of South Australia – also renowned for routine blackouts, when wind power output collapses – which have affected tens of thousands and even blacked out…

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