Chaos Reigns Supreme: Erratic Wind and Solar Destroy Australia’s Once Reliable Power Grid


And we’d love to thank Katy for the unexpected invite.

The natural result of plugging into wind and solar power is absolute chaos. It’s like inviting the Hells Angels to your daughter’s 21st birthday party and not expecting mayhem.

Those that kid themselves otherwise, fall into roughly 2 camps: dreamy, eco-zealots, happy to ignore everything the real world throws at them (especially facts antithetical to their narrative); and the professional kind, whose own personal financial success demands their undying loyalty to the same ideological cause.

Falling into the latter category, is the head of Australia’s Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Audrey Zibelman.

Audrey is part of a Yankee invasion, that includes AGL head, Andrew Vesey.

Zibelman drank the Kool-Aid years ago, when she joined the wind cult in New York State, and did her best to destroy its electricity supply. Now she’s running propaganda for the wind industry, Downunder; and…

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