Vietnam Goes to War: Community Defenders Riot Over Planned Wind Farm Project


There are several immutable laws, such as the furious reaction that erupts whenever plans emerge to spear wind turbines into the heart of rural communities.

A few weeks back, we covered the outrage that’s erupted among South Korean farming communities over a wind farm, the noise from which is not only driving neighbours nuts, but, by killing bees, has destroyed the livelihoods of both apiarists and orchardists, who depend upon pollination services, once reliably delivered by bees: Beeline to Fury: Korean Farmers Declare War on Wind Power – For Wrecking Communities & Killing Bees

Now, a veritable war against Big Wind, has broken out in Vietnam.

Having crushed their French colonial oppressors at the battle of Diên Biên Phu in 1954, the North Vietnamese (in cahoots with the old Việt Minh and Việt Cộng in the South), went on to draw so much blood and treasure from the world’s…

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