Big-Apple Blackouts Loom: Rush to Unreliable Renewables Threatens New York Power Grid

We tried to warn them…


Soon, New Yorkers won’t get to choose their ‘Earth hour’.

New Yorkers are about to reap what their wind and solar obsessed Governor, Andrew Cuomo has sown. As South Australians and Germans are acutely aware, adding utterly unreliable and inherently intermittent wind and solar to a power grid, designed entirely around dispatchable sources, leads to chaos. That wind and solar superpower, South Australia, has become the butt of international jokes; after a run of mass load shedding events and Australia’s first-ever statewide blackout.

Those in the know, knew from the outset that adding wind and solar capacity (beyond a trivial percentage of total capacity) was always going to destroy grid reliability; resulting from an inability to match loads (demand) with supply, because supply would be increasingly dictated by crazy little phenomena, like the weather and sunset.

The warnings are now being laid out that those New Yorkers…

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