An Open Letter To Wind Concerns Ontario

I agree 100% with everything this letter says!!!

Property Rights Are Your Rights

WCO a beginning email 001Dear Wind Concerns Ontario,

I am writing in response to your email this morning, titled ‘The morning after–a beginning.’ (preceded)

I find your expressed/written position offensive, regressive and detrimental to those of us who take this fight seriously and intend to see resolution to the end.

“Our focus now will be on contract cancellation, wind turbine noise regulations, enforcement, returning local land-use planning to municipalities…”


Your area of ‘focus’ is dismal.  Its more dancing around the issue at hand only to permit continued harm and destruction.  This is evidence of being distanced from the harsh reality of what rural Ontarians are exposed too.  If board members of WCO were adversely impacted with Industrial Wind Turbines placed too close to their homes and families, perhaps the focus would be solid in conviction with immediate sights set on results.

I am tired of fluff.  I am tired of beating around the bush.  I…

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