No Retreat & No Surrender: Wind Industry’s Victims Left Furious at Government Inaction



What the wind industry hates most are facts. Troublesome facts like the health effects caused to neighbours by wind turbine noise.

In Australia, the wind industry has the so-called ‘Wind Farm Commissioner’ to help bury them.

Andrew Dyer has done everything the wind industry has asked him to do; principally his ‘task’ involves ignoring the hundreds of complaints that pileup on his desk, from people like Melissa Ware (among hundreds of others) – people forced to live with practically incessant, turbine-generated low-frequency noise and infra-sound.

Dyer’s other stock in trade is helping wind power outfits do behind-closed-door ‘deals’ with wind farm neighbours – in which they get paid a pittance for the loss of the use and enjoyment of their homes – all wrapped up with bullet-proof gag clauses that prevent their victims from ever uttering a word about the ‘bargain.’

As detailed in this interview with Alan…

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