Frydenberg Foiled: Nationals Kill-Off Energy Minister’s National Energy Guarantee


Barnaby Joyce: a National out to deliver cheap and reliable power to all.

Panic-stricken Liberal and National MPs have killed-off the proposed National Energy Guarantee at birth.

Federal Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg presented a version of the NEG which simply expands the Federal government’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target and pushes its operation over the horizon.

The model being touted was written by eco-zealots at the direction of renewable energy rent-seekers, desperate to avoid any stricture on their never-ending subsidies and mode of operation.

In their Coalition party-room meeting, Frydenberg and PM, Malcolm Turnbull sought to shut down debate over the NEG, bullying backbenchers and berating critics, alike.

The minor Coalition party, the Nationals weren’t having any of it.

A number of Nationals are members of the Monash Forum, a group dedicated to restoring reliable and affordable power, to all Australians.

The Nationals have smelt a rat – and with good…

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