Mission Possible: Runaway Renewable Energy Policy = Australia’s Economic Suicide Pact


It’s possible to turn an energy superpower into an economic disaster: Australia did it in less than a decade.

Its energy policy was hijacked by eco-zealots and handed to wind and solar rent-seekers, on a platter.

A combination of witless and corrupt politicians meant that the mission was accomplished with the sort of split-second timing and athletic finesse exhibited by Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt) in one of his many, seemingly Impossible, Missions.

While Cruise made the impossible seem almost effortless, he always managed to leave behind a trail of chaos, destruction and carnage.

Likewise, Australia’s obsession with nature’s wonder fuels has taken its inevitable toll on households, industry and business, alike.

In this careful analysis, The Australian’s Chris Kenny explains the scale and scope of the disaster and just how we got there [STT’s spoiler alert: in this episode of Mission Possible – in a wave of deliberate and…

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