Wind & Solar Subsidies Caused Australia’s Power Crisis: Salvation Means Slashing Them Now


The adults have just taken control of Australia’s renewable energy debacle: the ACCC’s investigation into RE subsidies and power market gaming spells the end for subsidised wind and solar.

As STT has pointed out on more than one occasion: when a policy is unsustainable it will either collapse under its own imponderable weight, or its creators will be forced to scrap it, in shame and ignominy. The demise of Australia’s renewable energy policies will probably be a result of a mix of both.

Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government has just done what our political betters claim is impossible – slashing subsidies and cancelling 758 wind and solar projects that were in the pipeline: Ontario to Cancel Energy Contracts to Bring Hydro Bills Down: Keeping election promise will save $790 million to help lower electricity bills

There is nothing ‘inevitable’ about endless subsidies and mandated targets for wind and solar. Ontario’s voters/power consumers…

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