Germany’s Ticking Turbine Time Bombs: Green-Induced Environmental Nightmare Unfolds


The wind industry continues to deliver up a bevy of eco-irony, a gift to those sick to death of the moral piety dished up by its deluded acolytes.

Turbines exploding into flames, blades exploding into the ether and turbines, well, just plain exploding – make a mockery of claims by cultists that wind power is clean, green and as safe as houses.

Every time a wind worshipper starts praising their beloveds, yet another catastrophic turbine failure pops up somewhere in the world.

The likelihood of such calamities has reached a form of certitude in the world’s wind power Mecca, Germany.

Barely a day goes past without some form of pyrotechnic meltdown or exhilarating disintegration, providing neighbours with plenty of cheap thrills.

Aside from the mortal threat these things pose to those unfortunate enough to be lumbered with them in their backyards, there’s the broader environmental threat posed by tens of…

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