Energy Minister Under Siege: Australian Businesses Refuse to Shut Down During Wind Power Collapses


Business operators have just worked out that Australia’s renewable energy policies are deliberately designed to destroy them. Concepts such as ‘demand management’ (state-ordered deliberate blackouts) are the natural result of seeking to run an entire economy on sunshine and breezes.

This country wouldn’t be debating Josh Frydenberg’s National Energy Guarantee, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commissioner’s report on price gouging or the latest demand by AEMO’s Audrey Zibelman for coal-fired power plants (which her favoured policies are deliberately designed to destroy) to keep chugging away for at least another 20 years if it was not for the weather and the daily rotation of the planet.

When the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in wind and solar power output collapses, like night follows day.

When wind and solar capacity represented a tiny fraction of total demand, their daily disappearance was just a minor irritant to grid managers – and of…

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