Wind & Solar Rewind: Victorian Labor Promises to Repeat South Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster

Stupid is, as stupid does!


Ignoring neighbouring South Australia’s wind & solar debacle, Victoria’s delusional Labor Premier Daniel Andrews is determined to repeat it.

Despite some recent propaganda efforts suggesting that South Australians are currently enjoying 1970s power prices, Australia’s renewable energy capital still pays the world’s highest power prices – thanks to its ludicrous 50% Renewable Energy Target.

SA’s 50% RET was the product of an unhinged state Labor government; its Federal counterpart wants to bring the South Australian ‘experience’ to every other state in the Commonwealth, with a 50% RET to be enforced nationwide.

Keen to replicate the SA disaster, Andrews and his equally unhinged Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio have launched a ludicrous plan to add 1,000 MW of heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar to the Victorian grid.

Having killed off 1,600 MW of reliable and affordable baseload power, once happily produced by its Hazelwood plant, Andrews and D’Ambrosio now…

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