Victorian Victory: Council Slams Wind Farm Proposal After Angry Mob Reads Riot Act


Mortlake’s (un)welcoming committee tells developer to shove it.

Nothing attracts a furious mob like a threatened wind farm. Victorians have erupted over plans to spear hundreds of these things into peaceful and prosperous rural communities across their fertile state.

The well-disciplined and concerted opposition that’s broken out has completely rattled the wind power outfit pushing the project and the institutional cronies that does the wind industry’s bidding.

These days, the mobs that gather to oppose wind power developments are well-informed, they’re angry and they’re not about to give up. And, as we reported last week, the troops that marshalled at Hawkesdale and Mortlake are Victoria’s vanguard: Victoria Erupts: Furious Mob Rejects Premier Dan Andrew’s Insane Wind Power Push

In the past, disgruntled locals have been treated with a mix of condescension and contempt by local councils. But with Victoria’s councils finally being held accountable to their constituents for the suffering caused…

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