Full-Steam Ahead: China & Japan Snub Intermittent Wind & Solar to Build Hundreds of New-Age Coal-Fired Plants


One hackneyed myth propounded by RE zealots is that China is well on its way to an all wind and sun powered future. The reality differs.

Instead of worshipping nature’s wonder fuels, China is flat out building hundreds of high-efficiency, low-emissions coal-fired plant, in a concerted effort to drag itself out of the grinding agrarian poverty which, not so long ago, gripped the country fast.

If costly and chaotic wind and solar were ever in favour in the People’s Republic, they’ve clearly fallen out of favour now.

Where Mao and his Red Army drove the Communist revolution, it’s coal-fired power that’s driving China today, and for generations to come.

China secretly building hundreds of new coal plants, new report claims
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
27 September 2018

China is building hundreds of new coal-fired power plants with a capacity equal to five times Australia’s entire electricity market despite assurances from…

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