Game Over: Australia’s Energy Minister Slams Chaos Delivered by Subsidised Wind & Solar


The reason Australia’s renewable energy rent seekers are suicidal has a name: Angus Taylor. The Federal Energy Minister hates subsidised wind and solar with a passion. Taylor was elevated to the position in late July, and since then he’s been giving those involved in the greatest fraud of all time hell.

Last week, Taylor appeared at a conference organised by lefty business rag, the Australian Financial Review. Its journos are fully paid up members of the wind and sun cult, and are having a very hard time dealing with the reality that Angus Taylor is now firmly in charge.

Angus Taylor in new drive for reliable power supply post-NEG
Australian Financial Review
Angela Macdonald-Smith and Ben Potter
10 October 2018

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor will unveil a fresh push to keep alive the reliability mechanism in the now-abandoned National Energy Guarantee in a move that will put the…

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