Enemy Within: Virtue Signalling Renewable Energy Zealots Determined to Destroy Australia’s Economic Prosperity


It started with a kiss …

Wind and solar is a purely political phenomenon: they have nothing to do with economics, instead, they’re all about virtue signalling.

In the absence of massive and endless subsidies, this wouldn’t even be a topic.

The idea that an economy can run on sunshine and breezes is, of course, patent nonsense. Debacles like South Australia, Ontario and Germany stand testament to the damage that can be very easily done by a deranged and determined few.

Driven by a religious fervour that would have made those in charge of the Spanish Inquisition blush, renewable energy zealots gain their purported license from hysterical claims about the tiny fraction of carbon dioxide gas generated by human activity.

The argument runs that in order to save the world from imminent incineration, we need to switch immediately to an all wind and sun powered future. Except, wherever that’s…

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